Argan Oil Treatments

Nails are important too

Argan Oil Treatment is nutrient-rich oil that maximises hair strength and provides intense conditioning to dry-damaged hair, while protecting against breakage.

This lightweight oil is instantly absorbed for exotic shine without leaving oily residue. It helps reduce frizz and leaves hair silky and soft whilst smoothening the hair’s cuticle layer.

Argan Oils

Argan Oil:


Brings life and shine to lack lustre hair, by strengthening hair, preventing dry and brittle ends and promoting scalp health.


Softens and soothes skin by providing skin with essential nutrients, hydrates to improve skin elasticity and protects skin cells.


Revives tired hair giving it fullness, softness and bounce. Stimulates clear and radiant skin by encouraging damaged/ irritated skin to heal.

Argan Oils

Argan Oils